A varied range of wines

Range of wines

La Nature des Cépages

The wines show the truest expression of the Alsatian varieties. Their freshness and lightness will be with you at every occasion.

Range of wines

La Griffe de Rouffach

These wines are pleasant and perfectly matched with both our typical varietals and the specificity of our terroir.

You will be pleased by their complexity, their hints of freshness and their originality.

Our range

L’Empreinte du Terroir

The exceptional terroir of Grand Cru Vorbourg produces wines full of emotions. They are highly rich and delicate. They are from our best 2015 organic plots. Your buds will be delighted by the length in mouth and by the salinity.

It is without a doubt a gastronomy wine which can be kept longer in your basement or which can be enjoyed right away.

Our range

Les Perles Rares

These ones are rich and powerful. They are only produced when it is the right vintage for the noble rot.

The grapes are late harvested and strictly sorted out. Therefore, these wines will be the cream of the crops for exceptional events.

Our range

Au Fil des Bulles

They are a well suited choice before a dinner or during a celebration thanks to their fine fizz