A land of knowledge History and staff

Our history

The Domaine de l’Ecole is a mix of Alsatian skills and passion. It has respected the environnement for 150 years and has given a genuine training to the students by producing a wine of quality.

The creation

The agricultural high school was founded in 1869 ; and the estate buildings were built right after in 1907

During the second world war

The size of the vineyard increased during the German occupation and spread on 14.5 ha. Five hectares were on a rich and exceptionnal terroir : le Grand Cru Vorbourg

The modernization

The Domaine de l’Ecole has kept evolving since the 1950’s. It was one of the first to set up direct sales and to bottle sparkling wine in the 1970’s

A vineyard commited to protect the environnement

Since the 1980’s, the estate has been committed to respect the environnement by maintaining ground cover and by reducing input. The year 2014 is a landmark as the Grand Cru plots have been turned organic

Looking for genuineness

Nowadays, we keep setting up green strategies and experiments to answer issues linked to the area. The issues are studied at the same time by the students. Complex wines are made in an exceptional environnement thanks to the vinification of plots and to a strict monitoring of vintages

Our team

8 people work for the estate, a terroir, and the handing over of skills

At the head

Christine Klein

Estate manager

Christine is someone full of energy and passion. She applies everything she can to run this firm located at the heart of a school. She is willing to make this estate a welcoming and friendly place for the customers and the students

In the vineyard

Jean-Marc Bentzinger

Vineyard manager

Jean Marc is the senior of the estate. His perfect knowledge of the plots and of the previous vintages are an incredible help for the choice of strategies and for the teachers. Being a curious person, he keeps looking for the best for our grapes and he tries to be innovative. He hands over his passion and his skills to the future winemakers.

Paul Bulber

Vineyard worker

Paul is a former student who passed his HND from vine to wine. He has grown attached to the estate values. He is more willingly to put in practice his strategies.

Michel Racine

Vineyard worker

Michel takes care of the vines all year long and transmits students his skills.

Florent Schaffar

Estate trainee

Florent passed a vocationnal sandwich course diploma in 2017. He studied during 2 years at the estate.

In the wine cellar

Christophe Roy

Cellar man

Since his first day, Christophe has made the most of his long experience to produce wines which perfectly match this exceptional terroir. His involvement in the wine making process helps the wine to earn its stripes.

At the marketing

Carine Welker

Sales manager

For ten years, Carine has willingly adviced people in their choice thanks to her knowledge of wines and vintages

Cyrine Al-Masri

Client service manager

She is the lastest in the team. Cyrine welcomes and advices you willingly at the cellar. She works hand in hand with Carine to make you discover our exceptionnal site and products.