A land of knowledge The vineyard and the cellar

A vineyard to preserve

The Domaine de l’Ecole is a full estate. Our vineyard
spreads on 14 hectares AOP and 2,9 hectares out of it are Grand Cru Vorbourg

A true training

The Domaine de l’Ecole gives a full scale training to the students thanks to its one block vineyard where the seven Alsatian varieties are planted. It finances itself thanks to direct sales. As a consequence, it has to be strictly managed so as to produce wines of great quality.

The respect of the environnement

Respectful of the environment, the vineyard has been conducted in integrated production since 1998. In a logic of organic farming, all the plots are grassed and sexual confusion has been practiced for many years.

An exceptional terroir

Our wines are made with four appellations : AOP Alsace, AOP Alsace Côte de Rouffach, AOP Grand Cru Vorbourg, AOP Crémant d’Alsace

Our varieties can ripen in the best conditions thanks to the limestone ground and to the southern east orientation. Our Grand Cru wines are fat and mineral due to well-drained and rocky soils.

A modern cellar

Our cellar is equipped of pneumatic press to get a slow and delicate pressing but also of self-regulating thanks which help to control the fermentation. During the winter, the wine will be closely watched

They age right after on fine lees to become powerful and fat. Our Pinot Noir vintages remain in oak barrels for some time so as to get more complexity.

We produce around 60 000 to 70 000 bottles each year so you will be able to match our wines with every event or meal. If you are either an amateur or a professional taster, you will be pleased